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Upcoming Professional Conference Lectures and/or Labs

July 30 – August 3
International Associate of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
Robby will conduct a 1/2 day lab on Canine Core Strengthening Exercises on July 30th
Knoxville, Tennessee
Online Registration: 2018 IAVRPT Symposium registration form.

Robert Porter has leveraged his education and experience helping thousands of rehabilitation patients to create the It’s Possible Canine Conditioning system.  Here is a peek at some of the work he is doing with rehabilitation patients.

GAIT4Dog Walkway System / Gait Evaluation

What is the GAIT4Dog walkway system? Well, to put it lightly, it’s the most technological and complex carpet you will ever let your dog walk on:)  The It’s Possible Walkway is 12’ of seemingly ordinary carpet that houses 1/2” square pressure sensors that when paired with the Gait4DOG software become a very valuable and informative tool to evaluate gait in dogs. 

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Slow Motion Video / Gait Evaluation

Robby also does gait evaluation on dogs using slow motion video analysis.

Effective Exercises After IVDD Treatment

by Rosanne Krupka Peters, DVM, CVA, DACVIM (Neurology)
and Robert J Porter, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is a very common problem neurological, surgery and physical rehabilitation practitioners see in practice. Even more so is the patient with a lesion at or around the T/L junction (mid-back). This can affect many breeds…  continue reading…

Hip Flips for Neurologic Recovery

Under Water Treadmill Exercise

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