Canine Conditioning


It’s Possible! to reduce the risk of injury to your sporting dog.

Our canine athletes deserve the same type of systematic conditioning that human athletes leverage.  Robby understands the physical demands placed on sporting dogs and the conditioning that they need to be stronger than the demands we impose upon them.  With this system, you will learn how to evaluate your dog’s form and function at a very basic level.  This can help you realize quickly if your dog has an issue that needs to be addressed by a professional.

Robby has been doing canine rehabilitation since the late 1990’s when he developed a system of force-free exercises for rehabilitation. It’s Possible! extends that into an exercise program targeted to the needs of the canine athlete. Every exercise builds on simple foundation exercises (with appropriate modifications for every size dog).

Learn more at a conditioning workshop, or contact us if you’d be interested in hosting an It’s Possible! workshop.

The SAID Principle of Exercise and Why it’s Important in Cross Training

People have been exercising dogs for hundreds of years, and there are many techniques available to keep your dog in shape. But, with all that’s out there, what really helps your dog be the best they can be?

Whenever I start a new exercise program for a dog, I first ask what the dog does in their everyday life. Does he have a job, run agility or herd sheep? Or, does he lie around all day, making occasional sudden bursts out the back door toward a squirrel who inadvertently makes it into his yard? An exercise program should be tailored to compliment the everyday actions that a dog does.   click here for full article with video…

Making Exercise Safe and Challenging with the “2 On To Up” Exercise

The SAID Principle can help us pick effective exercises for our canine athletes. But how  do we continue to evolve these exercises and continue to challenge our four-legged fur balls of energy?

When I start cross-training a dog, I like to think about simple variables of exercise to fit the dog’s mental and physical skill and strength levels. There are 7 main variables of exercise, and plugging one or more into an exercise that you and your dog have mastered can offer up a much-needed challenge that can satisfy the needs of you both.  click here for full article with video…

Sit Pretty

“Sit Pretty or Beg” can help build not only strength in the lower core of dogs, it also helps build body awareness and yields better stability of their whole hind end…  click here to learn more and view video

Bad Dog Agility Podcast on Canine Strength and Conditioning

Sarah and Esteban Fernandezlopez from Bad Dog Agility welcomed me to their podcast a while back. They were filled with wonderful, engaging questions about agility and conditioning exercises. Check it out!

Here are some highlights from recent It’s Possible! Canine Conditioning Workshops.

September 7-9, 2018
Dogwood Training Center
Ostrander, Ohio

June 29 – July 1,  2018
Beth’s Agility Dogs (BAD)
Birmingham, Alabama

May 4 – 6, 2018
SouthPaws Veterinary Surgical Center
Mandeville, Louisiana

March 23 – 25, 2018 
SouthPaws Veterinary Surgical Center
Mandeville, Louisiana

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