Canine Conditioning and Fitness


It’s Possible Canine Conditioning is a force-free exercise program.   The program is paired to a training system allowing for fast learning and the progression of physical challenges with little to no re-training when adding difficulty to exercises.  This system allows for optimal control over the athletes speed and form for maximum effectiveness and safety.  It provides a natural progression of challenges as the dog becomes stronger and more body aware.   The controlled progressive nature of the program allows the student to see their dog’s form and function at a very basic level.  This can help them realize quickly if their dog has a functional limitation that needs to be addressed.

Robert Porter has created, used and trained this system with thousands of rehabilitation patients that he sees in clinic at South Paws Veterinary Surgical Specialists as well as thousands more through distance learning and in-person workshops.

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Students of this program learn concepts that allow them to pick and progress exercises so that they can continue to challenge their four legged athletes. Canine athletes learn more about their bodies, and become stronger reducing injury and improving performance. Above all, Robby’s system is designed to be fun for both the trainer and the canine athlete.

“If it’s not fun, then you will likely not use it as part of your weekly training program, so lets keep it fun!”

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