Canine Conditioning and Fitness

It's Possible!

Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance
through Strength and Body Awareness.
Have fun with your dog!

The It’s Possible! Canine Conditioning system is a fun-filled, positive reinforcement exercise system that challenges athletic dogs to become more aware of their bodies and strengthen them beyond what they need in their everyday life.  Training this force-free progressive program will improve your relationship with your dog and bring the peace of mind that you’ve prepared your dog for the physical challenges of their active lifestyle.

It’s Possible for canine conditioning to be fun for both the trainer and the canine athlete.

“If it’s not fun, then you will likely not use it as part of your weekly training program, so lets keep it fun!” 

Robert Porter has created, used and trained this system with thousands of rehabilitation patients that he sees in clinic at South Paws Veterinary Surgical Specialists as well as thousands more through distance learning and in-person workshops.

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