Thank you for visiting my site. I have been working, full time, in Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation and Conditioning for over 15 years. I started out working in a veterinary general practice in the early 90’s, became a little bored and decided to go to school for human massage therapy. While in school I worked as a technician at a very busy veterinary ER. I was offered an overnight, critical care position at the first veterinary referral hospital in my area. Much of my job there was caring for animals suffering from intervertebral disc disease(IVDD), and back then there was no real physical therapy services provided for these patients. I researched the subject and found only a few facilities providing such services in the USA and decided that is what I wanted to do. I opened my first service there and a few years later became certified in canine rehabilitation form he University of Tennessee. This service did very well and introduced me to not only the vast veterinary world of orthopedic and neurologic pithily but also sports medicine.

Currently I supervise and facilitate exercise therapies at the Medvet Mandeville location and see cases daily. I also love to travel as well as spread the word about how animals can exercise using positive reinforcement training techniques. If you would like me to visit your veterinary practice or training facility, please visit my contact page. Have a great day and always remember to keep training and exercise positive and fun!


Robert J Porter III, LMT, CCRP


Lindsey Hinds

Lindsey has been interested in conditioning for performance for many years, being involved in showing both dogs and horses from a fairly early age. Her first real experience with conditioning came as a preteen/young teenager when showing her pony in all-around competitions.  These competitions had over 20 classes each day, with the last classes of the day being the speed events. Lindsey noticed that all the ponies would be exhausted by the time the speed classes came around and not able to perform adequately, being sluggish and unresponsive.  To solve this problem, Lindsey studied how endurance riders conditioned their horses for 50+ mile races, as well as how race horse trainers conditioned sprinters for energy bursts.  She also drew on her experience as a power lifter.  Putting this knowledge into practice produced a champion pony who still had sufficient energy at the end of the day, while performing at an enhanced level in all the classes throughout the day.

As Lindsey got older she showed both several breeds of dogs and horses at many levels in multiple disciplines, always adding basic conditioning to their regime after seeing the benefits it had given her pony many years before. This included a Jack Russell who competed on the national level in JRT events and USDAA agility and a Reserve Championship in show jumping at the Appaloosa Nationals.  But it wasn’t until the early 2000’s with her Border Collie Cappuccino that she created exercises designed to specifically target the dog’s sport performance. While Cappuccino was a talented dock jumping dog, he was competing against much larger dogs than himself.  Lindsey knew he would need an edge to to be competitive, so she turned to fitness and speed training, creating exercises to help strengthen and mimic the specific actions he would perform. Later, after meeting Robby, he told her she was actually using exercises based on the SAID Principle. This enabled Capp to out perform much bigger dogs, and ultimately,  win the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, while setting a new World Record in Dock Jumping. In the process, he broke down many barriers as the first non-retriever breed to compete in the Super Retriever Series  Crown Championship.

More recently, Lindsey has been competing at the Masters level in USDAA and UKI with her two Border Collies. After meeting Robby, he was able to teach

Lindsey works as a rehab technician at a local veterinary hospital, helping patients recover from surgery and injuries as well as work on their conditioning. Lindsey has been a dog trainer with an emphasis in behavior for close to 20 years. She’s also has a disc/trick dog entertainment company and is a dock jumping judge as well.

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