About Us

Robert Porter, CCRP, Rehabilitation Director


Robert J. Porter, CCRP was one of the first people in the world to obtain his Certification in Canine Rehabilitation from the University of Tennessee in 2001. He started his canine rehabilitation career in 1998 and has worked full time in the field since. Robby is well known for his innovative approach to therapeutic exercise using positive reinforcement training. Robby spends most of his time running the rehab department at Resurge Veterinary Specialists but also travels often to teach his force-free exercise program to veterinary professionals and canine performance trainers.  To address the need for ongoing conditioning and fitness beyond rehab, Robby developed the It’s Possible! Fitness and Conditioning system.  This system is designed to help clients understand how to correctly and safely exercise their dogs so that they become stronger with a goal of reducing injury and improving performance.

When not at work, Robby can be found having adventures with his two young sons and his high energy Border Collie. Robby enjoys disc dog training, sheep herding, canoeing, videography and photography. Many of his educational and dynamic videos are seen all over veterinary social media.

Beth Willingham,  MS Education

BethEZ_fitbone3_6621Dogs have always been an important part of Beth’s life. Training was a natural extension of her enthusiasm for learning long before she decided to made it a second career.  So, after retiring from a career in public education where she received national recognition for excellence in teaching, she decided to direct her knowledge of curriculum development and passion for teaching toward the dog community.   In this second career, she has developed curriculum for classes, workshops and seminars targeted toward puppies, family pets, agility and service dogs (and their human handlers).  As she focused more on coaching clients who share her love of dog agility, she recognized the necessity of a conditioning and fitness program to keep their canine athletes injury free.  In addition to teaching, Beth has managed all aspects of animal care and training businesses including scheduling, communication and coordination of workshops and seminars, for herself and other clients.

When not at work, you can typically find her at an agility show with her dogs which include two Golden Retrievers, a Havanese and a Schipperke.

You can contact us at: info@robpossible.com