Back to Basics

This page is dedicated to my new video series, “Back to Basics”.

Back to basics is an ongoing project that will outline some of the basic training needed to progress in my conditioning and rehabilitation programs.

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Basic Kick Backs and how to progress them:

Back to Basics: Kick Backs with Lois Lane from robpossible on Vimeo.

Learning to Turn in Both Directions

This behavior is a wonderful go to exercise for

  • building confidence
  • Improving body awareness
  • Helping position animals for more advanced behaviors
  • Teaches you how to teach and the dog how to learn

Front and rear pivots may seem like an advanced exercise, but it only takes a little foundation training to teach a dog to do. This exercise is one of the only exercises out there that allows for abduction and adduction of the front and rear limbs of the dog. It can be progressed and made harder by changing to larger or less stable props and can even transfer over to “treadmill tricks”, advanced exercises for the DogTread Treadmill.

This video is a short how to on high drive training of the DogTread land treadmill using a tug toy.

Back to Basics: Learning “Sit Pretty”

Building value for standing on two props.

Pug Planks with Mr Chubbs from robpossible on Vimeo.


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