Monthly Archives: March 2015

Fitness and Body Awareness workshop at DogStar Performance Dog Sports, Maryland

This past weekend Lindsey and I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland for a Fitness and Body Awareness workshop at DogStar Performance Dog Sports. We were welcomed with open arms by Bridget Thomas and a wonderful group of trainers and their dogs. Everyone had open minds, and sucked in our information while having a lot of fun.

This workshop covered dynamic and stabilizing exercise targeted at higher functioning agility and performance dog teams. During our first day we presented an interactive lecture and a demonstration on exercises we would be covering. We also covered how to make these exercise fun, safe and challenging over time, which is a pretty important concept for all to understand when exercising dogs as well as ourselves. Everyone had a great time and, even though it was challenging, I managed to snap out a few photos and film a little of our training too! Check out the photos, and watch the wrap up video!